Isabella International Domestic Search Firm require the best and brightest domestic professionals. Not only do we require outstanding skills, great education, and training; but we also require the best in attitude, work ethic and integrity.


We welcome any domestic professional that possesses these initial qualities to submit a resume.


Before submitting a resume for consideration, please review the initial qualifications for employment consideration. Once you have reviewed the requirements and are confident that you meet them, submit your resume to the email address below.  We thank you for your interest in achieving your domestic career goals with our firm.


Email address:

General Qualifications for consideration for IIDSF:


Must have a minimum of 3 years of professional experience in desired position. Minimum 2 years with 1 client.


Cook position requires a minimum of 5 years. Minimum 2 years with 1 client.


Chef position requires culinary training/degree and 3 years professional experience. Minimum 2 years with 1 client.


Must not have a criminal history. Must submit to a thorough background check that can take up to 3 to 7 days before completion.


Must submit to a drug test.


Must submit to a physical exam.


Must submit to a mental health screening.




Must be a non-smoker.


Must be able to work in an efficient and timely fashion.


Must be able to work alone unless there are other staff employed working for the family. If so, than the ability to work well with other team members is required.


Must have excellent personal (people that have known you for over 3 years or more) and professional references that are directly related to the desired position.


Must be legal to work in this United States and/or Canada if the position desired is in that country.


Must be able to work in a high end home. (3 years minimum experience in one home. 2 years one home, 1 year other home may be acceptable depending on history of each position).


 Must meet all client requirements for the position desired as well as all requirements above´╗┐´╗┐ in order to be recommended for interview with a Candidate Relations Specialist and one of our clients.

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