Personalized Domestic Search Plan includes:


One-on-One in house consultation and walk through

Detailed Job Description with client particulars

Personalized work schedule per position

Full complete global search, thorough background checks, mental and physical health screening, drug testing, skills testing, reference checks, qualifying and

presentation of candidates exclusive to the position

Trial period prior to hire to ensure proper placement

1 Year Replacement Guarantee



Placement Fee:

A one time search and placement fee equal to 20% of employee’s annual salary.

*Minimum Fee Required



A retainer is required to begin the search process for all permanent hires.


Additional fees may be required for additional services.

Service Fees:

A one time registration fee of $250.00 is required.


Hourly Rates:

Hourly rates start at $75.00 per hour for one-time cleaning service.

*Minimum 2-hour cleaning service required.


*For Long-Term Cleaning Service See Below*


Move-in/Move-out Rates:

Move-in/Move-out rates start at $350.00 for one-time cleaning service.


Long-Term Service:

A one time search and placement fee equal to 20% of the housekeeper's annual salary.

*Minimum fee of $500.00 required.

Housekeepers by Design™

Personalized Service Plan Includes:


One-on-One in house consultation and walk through with your personal Domestic Concierge. Detailed Cleaning Service Order created exclusively for the requested service. Personally selected and screened housekeeper that is "maid to order".

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